“There is an Agenda Here”

We must be doing something right if we’re on the conservatives’ list of threats to traditional family values. Over at conservative “news” site The National Review, blogger Wesley J. Smith has sounded the alarm about “the push to normalize polyamory.” Smith’s cause for panic is an article that recently appeared in Live Science and was syndicated to several reputable news outlets, such as Scientific American. Amusingly, Smith doesn’t really have much to say on the topic himself. Instead, he merely presents a lengthy quote from the article in question–a quote about how even monogamous folks could perhaps learn some things from how poly people manage issues such as jealousy and communication–as if the horrors of it are obvious enough to speak for themselves, no further commentary necessary. Smith adds only: “There is an agenda here. Let the normalization begin!”

I’m rather amused by the timing of this statement, personally, as it comes mere days after I named this blog and vowed to share my radical agenda with the world. Conservatives might toss around the word “agenda” as an insult, but I’m wearing my agenda with pride, and doing my part to make sure Smith’s fears are actually realized. A world where it’s perfectly acceptable for people to be in multiple romantic relationships at the same time, where no one bats an eye at people choosing to structure their intimate lives in any number of different ways? A world where people enter into monogamy only as a result of conscious choice? A world where families like mine are recognized as valid and treated with respect?

Let the normalization begin, indeed.


3 thoughts on ““There is an Agenda Here”

    1. Angi Post author

      No, they use “normalization” meaning “oh no, people are trying to make this horrible thing (poly, same-sex relationships, etc.) seem like something acceptable and normal!” He’s not talking about a push to make polyamory into something different, he’s talking about–and fearing–the push to see it as a valid way to live.

  1. Dane the Barbarian

    I saw the article. Yes, it was in alarm to the very notion that non-monogamy is a positive alternative. I was amused by it, but the link to the Scientific American article was great. That article is poly positive worth reading. Thus, for anyone who read the National Review article and used the link, the net was very poly positive, though I’m sure that’s not what was meant to do.


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