Hello out there…

I’m interested in doing some kind of Q & A type post here on a regular basis, probably weekly, but not sure if there are enough of you out there reading (yet!) for such a thing to work. If you’re reading, and especially if you’d be interested in a weekly feature like that, would you mind dropping me a comment on this post? Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Hello out there…

  1. Jen Chaney

    I came to your blog via Facebook, from the poly books for children group. I just read your argument for being out and poly as well, it certainly resonated.

    I live in a pretty progressive town where my family and I have been able to be “out” in most of the town for nearly 12 years (I live with two partners, one man and one woman.) I treaded a funny line for a while, as I was trying to find employment as a teacher. Schools are not generally open to any kind of perceived deviance in teachers, especially not for elementary schools. I have fallen into a teaching job at an alternative private school where my family is an absolute nonissue. I still have closet habits, though, it’s hard to remember that it’s okay to talk about what I did last weekend without editing for “the people I live with” rather than simply speaking of them naturally as anyone else might speak of a spouse. It’s nice.

    So thanks for being out there, and thanks for keeping this blog.

    Jen Chaney

    1. Angi Post author

      Thanks Jen! I’m glad you found a teaching environment where you don’t have to hide. I’m quite interested in alternative ed, as well.

  2. Roxanne

    You should do a Q&A thing BUT since you don’t have a lot of non poly readers, you should make it your thoughts and interpretation of the standard FAQs. That way, in the future when people are looking to understand, they can do a search on the question: How does poly typically work? (or whatever they want to know) and your post will be there waiting to educate them šŸ™‚ Good luck!


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