Send me your polyamory questions!

I’m still seeking questions for the Q&A I’d like to do somewhat regularly around here, so if anyone out there has any questions for me, I’d love to hear them!

I’d especially like to answer any questions folks might have about poly in a sociopolitical context, but anything goes! And I’d love to receive questions from both folks who are poly and folks who are not.

Questions can be sent via email to, and I promise you’ll remain anonymous!

Thanks, as always, for reading.

3 thoughts on “Send me your polyamory questions!

  1. fetishangel85

    Hey there. I am monogamous and my partner is poly. The more I fall for him, the more possessive I become. I tell him that my love does not overflow it just gets deeper. My partner and I are in a d/s relationship as well where I am his submissive. I say that I am ok with it because I am his subissive and I do look up to him very much. On the days that are not my day, I am likely to sit in bed stewing all day, not by choice I just cringe at they idea of my partner with another. He started dating me after a break up but got back with that person and I liked him too much to leave. The other relationship said that she went poly (with another man) out of necessity because she didnt like being alone, I can’t do that. I am in a position where I don’t need to use protection but I wonder if I should start making him since I don’t know who the other person who is having relationships with his other relationship is having sex with.
    What do you think about this situation? I won’t leave but it often feels very unfair


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